Cloudtalk PBX Hosted services

Full Features List for Cloudtalk Hosted PBX

System Dashboard
Client System Dashboard is Optional
System Extensions
Protocols: SIP, IAX2, DAHDI
Outbound Destinations Permissions
Enhanced Services
Caller ID control
Codec selection
Auto Provisioning
CSV upload
CSV Download
gloCOM Modules and Editions
QR Code
Desktop Apps integration
Mobile Apps integration
Call Recording
Outbound Destinations Permissions
Destination Groups
Local Destinations
Other Networks
Special Routes
Enhanced Services
Call Screening
Mobile Numbers
Speakerphone Page
Follow Me
Group Hunt
Call Forwarding
Do Not Disturb
Caller ID
Last Caller
Call Park
Instant Recording
Call Pickup
Call Filters & Blocking
Speakerphone Paging
Directory / BLF List
Speed Dial
Monitor Queues
Delete Recordings
Listen to Recordings
Call Monitoring
Monitoring Conferences
Overhead Paging (with supported equipment)
Remote Access
Personal IVR
Online User Directory
System Operation Times
Hot Desking
Type: Standard IVR
Type: Pin-based IVR
Type: Multi-digit IVR
Type: IVR Tree Builder
Destinations: Extension
Destinations: IVR
Destinations: Queue
Destinations: Conference
Destinations: Voicemail
Destinations: Remote Access
Destinations: Directory
Destinations: Fax to E-mail
Destinations: Call External Number
Destination options: Default Caller ID
Destination options: Change Language
Operator Extension
Custom timeouts
Custom Greeting
Ringing Type
Dial Local Extensions directly
Dial Local Extensions limits
Dial Permissions
Operation Times
FAX Detection
IVR Directory
Search by First Name
Search by Last Name
Play Voicemail greeting for Name
Pin-based IVR
CSV Upload
Expiry date per PIN
Destination per PIN
SIP Transports Supported
Caller ID Validation & Routing
Match Explicitly
Match Partially
Custom Destinations identical to DID Destinations
Limit maximum number of participants
Dynamic conferences via Desktop App
Conference PIN
Conference Admin PIN
Conference Marked User PIN
Dynamic PIN Prompt
Announce user join/leave
Announce number of participants
DTMF menu for participants
Control options for each member
Authentication with PIN
Voicemail to E-mail (Optional Attachment)
Custom greeting messages depending on status (Busy, Unavailable)
Voicemail operator support
Sounds per language
Voicemail Groups
Message Waiting Indicator (MWI)
Enhanced Voicemail
Operator/Exit Digit
Unified Messaging
TimeZones Support
Strategy: Ring All
Strategy: Linear
Strategy: Least Recent
Strategy: Fewest calls
Strategy: Random
Strategy: Round-Robin with memory
Strategy: Random with penalty
Ring Groups
Incoming Call Confirmation
Strategy: All
Strategy: Round
Strategy: Round Memory
Strategy: Least Recent
Ringtone customization
Caller ID customization
Custom greeting
Exit Digit
Sounds and Music on Hold
Sounds download / upload / conversion
Music on Hold customization
Music on Hold options: files only, grouped per class
Music on Hold options: random selection
CRM/CTI integration Supported (but not included)
Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Product/Customer Support
Firmware Updates included in monthly Support Agreement.
Customer Support - Full maintenance for phones/changes/and upgrades to PBX included in monthly Support Agreement.


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