Why the name Blackbuck?
I have been asked why we named our VoIP communication division Blackbuck. When I was looking to open this division, I wanted something that captured the spirit of what I was trying to build. Something that was fast, agile, strong, smart and different from everything around. I was looking to capture this in a single image, so I turned to creation. The creation around us houses these great characteristics in several different ways, so it seemed the best place to find a representative of my vision.

standaloneIn my search, I found the majestic Blackbuck. He is a total standout, a true one of kind. He is the sole member of his genus (kind) and is unlike those around him. He is one of the fastest land animals on the planet. He is powerful, agile and strong. He knows how to avoid trouble and get out of it. His strength, wisdom and knowledge allow him to survive in hostile environments. He is the perfect picture of what I have built.Blackbuck facing
This is a division, a company, that knows the importance of being different from the rest. It must be quick to adapt to the ever-changing technology landscape. It must be able to avoid the deadly pitfalls all around it. It must be wise and knowledgeable, not only for its benefit, but for the benefit of all it serves. It must live in an environment of hostile competition and come out on top.
After learning of this majestic creature and all he encompasses, I knew that I had found my image. It was the Blackbuck. Inspired by what this creature represented, I got out my digital drawing pad and created the logo for my new communications division: Blackbuck Communications. That is a name worth living up to, and one we plan to exceed.

BB color logo nobckgrd bitmap


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